Technology Panorama
A review of early HVACR technologies
Stories from embryonic and early development years of the industry in Canada …….the 1920’s through 1940’s.

Before looking at the whole Founding Collection of nearly 350 HVACR components, take a peek at some unique examples in the Technology Panorama.

We have selected 15 sample items from that early 20th Century 350, artefacts from each of the four collections (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration):

                                           an 1898! hand ash sifter,
                                              a clover leaf fan blade (1957),
                                                 an early window air conditioner (1959),
                                                    and a much earlier commercial ice cube maker,

and 11 others.

These were among the best of innovations at the time.


In its early years, the industry provided all Canadians with new expectations for healthy, more pleasurable lives, with the means to greater comfort, convenience, and freedom from hardship, than had ever been previously imagined.

The story of the evolution of technology is not just about science, inventions and engineering breakthroughs. It is all of those, but it is also a story of how we used technology and how it has affected our lives.

They were the early years of the 20th century and belief in the contributions of science and technology to the public good reigned supreme.

The HVACR industry defined and pursued its business interests, often with messianic zeal, associating itself with scientific discovery and noted scientists of the times, as well as promoting its contribution to a new public well-being for the 20th century.

In short, an astonishing array of HVACR technologies emerged during the 1920s to 1940s. Automatic heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration; all crude, elemental, noisy and unreliable by contrast with what would very soon follow.

Technology Panorama is divided into four major galleries, each covering an aspect of HVACR. You can visit just one or two galleries, or you can explore all four to get the big picture.

Here is what you will find in each gallery of the exhibit:
H – Heating
Residential heating technology
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V – Ventilation
Commercial ventilation
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AC – Air Conditioning
Residential air conditioning
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R – Refrigeration
Industrial & commercial refrigeration applications.
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