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The HVACR Heritage Centre Hall of Fame has been established to honour the endeavours of noteworthy people, places of significance and innovations that have shaped the world in which we live.

Hall of Fame | Profiles

Roy Inch
Changing with the customer’s needs: A success for over 70 years

Three generations thrive on customer services at Roy Inch & Sons of St. Thomas, ON.

It’s not easy to run any business, even in the Me, Too! 80s and certainly not the Frustrating 90s. But just think what Roy Inch & Sons has survived: The Roaring Twenties, the Devastating 30s, the Warring 40s, the Rock ‘n Roll 50s, the Drop Out 60s, the …, well you see the point-customers change, sometimes radically.

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Hall of Fame | Inductees


  • Norman B. Fraser, Hart & Cooley Mfg., E.S. Gallagher Sales
  • Harvey Kern (deceased), Kern Thermal Equipment
  • RSES Canada, HVACR Heritage Centre Canada
  • John Shipton, Shipton’s Heating, Hamilton, Ontario


  • Orvil L. Davie (deceased), Davie Environmental, HRAI
  • T. H. Marwood & Sons, Parry Sound, Ontario
  • William P. Podd (deceased), CMS, Burlington, Ontario, RSES
  • David Kerr Wilson, Kerr Controls Ltd., Truro, Nova Scotia


  • Roy Gardiner, CIMCO Refrigeration
  • Colin Hersh, Beaver Engineering
  • Roy Inch (deceased) & Sons, St. Thomas, Ontario