The Agora (Greek: Aγορά, Agorá) was an open place of assembly in ancient Greek city-states. Later, the agora also served as a marketplace where merchants kept stalls or shops to sell their goods.

The Agora, the marketplace and civic centre, was one of the most important parts of an ancient city-state. In addition to being a place where people gathered to buy and sell all kinds of commodities, it was also a place where people assembled to discuss all kinds of topics: business, politics, current events, or the nature of the universe and the divine.

Like the agora of ancient times, The Agora Atrium is your place to mingle with other museum patrons, meet up with past acquaintances and perhaps make a few new friends.

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Who should be in the HVAC Hall of Fame in 2011 and 2012?

February Wednesday 09, 2011

The HVACR Heritage Centre needs you to nominate qualified individuals who should be inducted into the Centre’s Canadian Hall of Fame for 2011 – from all provinces and territories!

The Centre has so far honoured only 10 Pioneers in 2006, 2008 and 2010. Your nominees could include contractors, wholesale-distributors, manufacturers or reps, instructors-trainers-mentors, engineers-inventors, perhaps even significant players in government or certification, for example.

Who stands out in your mind as a dedicated inventor, innovator, a leader, a determined individual or family, a company in some aspect of the Industry in the 20th Century? Send us your nominee, or just ask for a form to provide necessary background information for anyone nominated.

Email to or call 905 – 473 – 2287.

Heritage Centre executive elected to begin second decade

December Wednesday 01, 2010

Gary Burger, a hospital engineer from New Lowell, Ontario was elected Chair of the HVACR Heritage Centre Canada at a board of directors meeting November 30 in Mississauga, Ontario. It was a complete change of the executive as they begin their second decade promoting and recording the achievements of the HVACR Industry.

Gary Burger succeeds Martin Vandenberg, an industrial contractor from St. Catharines, who has been Chair and becomes Past Chair. Dave Tayler, a business consultant from Simcoe, was elected treasurer, succeeding Hart Holmstrom, an HVAC contractor from Alliston who was elected Vice Chair, succeeding Gary Burger. Dave Tayler remains as secretary until a new replacement is elected.

Norman Fraser, founding Chair of the Centre in 2000 and Past Chair, was re-elected a director. New to the Centre’s Board is Shane McCarthy, training director at the JTAC (ORAC/UA 787) Training Centre in Brampton.

New regional directors confirmed at the recent meeting are Ness Lakdawala of Dectron, Montreal, Quebec; Gene Osadchuk of National Refrigeration, Edmonton, Alberta; and Richard Scrivener, Polar Refrigeration, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Continuing as directors are Bob Steenson, Ontario Air, Pickering, and Drew Keirstead of Truro, Nova Scotia.