The vertical, sectional boiler is assembled from 3 1/2 cast-iron sections, and was originally coal-fired.

There is no indication of an automatic stoking device, so it may be assumed that coal was shovelled into the firebox by hand from the basement coal bin. The location of the coal bin can be estimated by the location of darkened spots on the basement floor that appear to mark the bases of the vertical posts that supported the walls of the bin.

Manufacturer’s information:

  • Vertical sectional boiler
  • Manufactured by American Standard
  • Model: Severn, W21, Series C2H, BA 499-61
  • CRN: 8224-5234160
  • Ratings:
    • Maximum 30 lbs water
    • Maximum 15 lbs steam
  • Dimensions:
    • Width 25″ at base (22″ at top)
    • Height 48″
    • Depth 29″