Learning Centre
The entire museum is a learning experience; however, this section leads directly to some of our most useful aids-to-learning.

Four ways to learn about HVACR

Why not send us a photo and description of an old heating installation for our documentary on heating, or profile a pioneer! You can do the full Monty by following the very detailed description of how to document a historic installation site as we would do it – such as the Coach House on this website. We would be happy with the photo of an old wood stove or a boiler or furnace, a catalogue or manual or business papers from the early 20th Century.

You can also have some fun with the eight games and quizzes, and four videos to see how an old compressor from 50 years ago was serviced. And then there is always the Frequently Asked Questions.

The philosophy behind preparing the HVACR Heritage Centre’s documentary records.
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A collection of games & quizzes aimed to bring some fun to the classroom.
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Four short videos describing the maintenance of an early refrigerator compressor.
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Curator, Dr. G. Leslie Oliver, answers some commonly asked questions.
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